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A New Festival In Bristol


As a renowned Guitar Teacher in Bristol, recently some of my students have been asking me about the most common band's people want to learn on guitar as a beginner. There is such a wide range of bands and interests that it is really hard to pick out one. However, one artist that always seems to be associated with beginners is Oasis. Sadly most of the students nowadays won’t get a chance to experience them live however there are still chance to see Noel Gallagher and Liam Gallagher separately which would still be a good experience. With the latter idea in mind, I stumbled across a festival in Bristol that had somehow slipped under my radar a bit called “The Downs Festival”.  

To my knowledge Downs Festival only first started in 2017 and is a relatively new thing which is probably the reason why I hadn’t heard of it before. What brought it to my attention was as mentioned before a student asking about ways he can still experience oasis live. Noel Gallaghers flying birds are appearing at this year's instalment of the festival which also features Paul Weller & The Heavy amongst others. The 2017 edition had performances from the likes of Elbow and Sea Sick Steve so both years have no shortage of talent on display.  

After finding all this out I thought I would have a look at the festival and see what makes it stand out from some of the others I had been too. The first thing I noticed was something we all look at, the price. I have been to many festivals charging over the £100 mark for a lineup of a similar size. However, Downs is only around the £50 mark for a standard adult ticket & around the £15 mark for a child and free for under 5’s which in my opinion is great for promoting a family-friendly festival. Another scheme they seem to be promoting is discounted tickets for those who have a low income which is great because nobody should be excluded from enjoying music. There will be plenty of live music over two main stages throughout the day as well as many smaller stages, with this in mind I am sure everyone will find something they like.  

I feel it is important for younger people to still go to events like this and be inspired by the music that we have on offer in the UK and Downs Festival really seems to want to promote itself as a family-friendly festival that anyone can attend and feel safe in doing so. I am excited to attend this event and I shall be promoting it to many of my students, especially those who want to experience their first festival. This is yet another example of the great opportunities to experience live music without breaking the bank that the UK has to offer.  

The festival takes place on Saturday the 1st of September & for any more info on the festival please visit their website.