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Online Relaxed Singalong for SEN/D children and their families! Thurs. 27th Aug. 2pm

Event description

On Thursday 27th August at 2:00pm, we will be hosting our next ONLINE RELAXED SINGALONG.  The session will be exactly the same as usual, but we'll just be hosting it online using Zoom. If you and your child are interested in joining us, please email: for further details including information on how to access the session online.

(NB: We will be using Zoom to run the session... so, if you haven't used Zoom before and need some help, contact Simon at the above email address, and we'll see what we can do to help etc.)

GENERAL INFORMATION: These FREE sessions are specifically tailored towards the needs and abilities of children with special educational needs, communication disorders and other disabilities. But, as importantly, the sessions are also very much open to all the family... both young and old.  Our team of specialist artists lead participants through a wide range of different songs to suit all ages, abilities and interests.  We use lots of different props to make the songs interesting and exciting (e.g. real bubbles with "I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles") as we as some assistive music technology (e.g. digital switches) so everyone can join in.

A signer is also present at the session and Makaton symbols are used to help some of the children understand the meaning of the song and follow the lyrics.

For further information and/or talk to the organisers about any specific needs your child may have, do please contact us at:

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