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Beginner's sight reading- make it a game!

Brief advice on how to deal with children and sight reading.

I would like to point out the need of spending time reading the score, as a separate activity to playing a new piece, is paramount.  All too often, we dive in with our eager students, reading and playing simultaneously. The enthusiasm of both teacher and student fades when confronted with error after error! How about a little score reading game? How many notes can you read in 30 seconds? Get the student to call out the notes while the teacher jots the answers down and then go through the answers together. It is amazing but the student will be annoyed by their mistakes and want to get it right on the next go!!! Encourage students to read the score through before attempting to play a piece. Take your time, it is worth it. It's a lot to be asked to do, read and play at the same time when you are a beginner!

Alexandra works for the Piano Lessons Near Me program which allows students to have either studio or home tuition lessons with her.