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Countryside Chords meets World Voices

 'Countryside Chords' project participants learning a wonderful song from Jordan, with Jordanian artiste Sahar, who was visitng UK as part of the British Council World Voices project. 

Hello, attached a great pic of our CYPS having a wonderful time learning the words and new rhythmns of Al Miya - a song about needing Water.  Sahars step by step approach meant that the CYPS were soon singing in another language! We used the sesson as a focus to explore eastern melodies and rhythms, in line with our project themed production 'The Fisherman & The Genie'  a rewritten tale from the Arabian Nights.  The syncopated rhythms and modal melody helped the group to understand and recognise intervals that they werent used to and to understand the sound of the Gamelan better.  The group then decided to include the song that they had learnt in their end of project performance.