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Practical Tips on How to Increase ‘Hard to Reach’ Young People’s Engagement

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An interactive session exploring what it means to be ‘more than just a music charity’ with practical tips engaging & empowering young people.

Do you run a music group or charity? Do you ever ask yourself...

  • How am I supposed to keep up with all the new music our young people are into?
  • How can I make our music sessions more accessible for those young people hardest to reach?
  • How can music sessions help to build empathy, resilience and critical thinking in our young people?

This session - lead by Jinx Prowse, CEO of Music Fusion, will cover:

  • Setting up the space to deliver a music session
  • Musical expertise
  • Teachable moments
  • Working with young people experiencing trauma
  • Top Tips

This online and interactive session looks at Music Fusion's ethos and psychology, which underpins their successful programme of delivery for hard to reach young people aged 11-25. Music Fusion specialises in enabling access to music for some the most complex and vulnerable young people in Hampshire. Over the last 10 years they have learnt there is more to inclusive musical making than a room, some instruments and a music leader.

Music Fusion expertly use music as a tool to engage some of the most challenging young people in positive ways. They understand the true ethos behind inclusive music making and the importance of building trust and relationships to foster the development of those most in need. - Mike Cook, CEO, Sound Communities 

We are so proud of what this young person has achieved with Music Fusion. She has been given the opportunity to express herself in a way that she has not been able to before, which as well as helping to improve her self esteem, we also consider that the opportunities afforded to her by Music Fusion will have had a hugely positive impact on her mental health as well. - Youth Crime Prevention Caseworker

Trigger Warning: this session will address subjects and reference language which some people may find upsetting.

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