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It's a good day for....anything!

This song is excellent to use in the early years.

This is a brilliant song to adapt to children’s play. This supports the revised Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) very well, as it enables you to genuinely follow any child’s lead and show you value their choices and play by singing about whatever they are doing.  Just take the tune, but make up your own words in response to what the child you are with is doing.

Margaret Watchorn taught me this one, so thanks Margaret. It is Margaret and Anne Suggate you can hear singing this one. It uses a popular tune, can you spot it?

It's a good day for digging (MP3)


It’s a good day for building, for building, for building
It’s a good day for building, so what do we need?

We’ll need some bricks, some bricks, some bricks,
We’ll need some bricks, and what shall we  make?

We’ll build a tower, a tower, a tower,
We’ll build a tower, and who lives inside?


Words : (as used in Battle Hill nursery playing in the garden)

It’s a good day for digging, for digging, for digging
It’s a good day for  digging, so what do we need?

We need a spade, a spade, a spade
We need a spade, yes that’s what we need

More ideas:

In the car? It’s a good day for driving, so where shall we go?

At home? Just follow your child’s lead and see what they are enjoying playing with. E.g. it’s a good day for play d’oh, so what can you make?

Did you spot the tune? It was ‘there’s a hole in my bucket’. Know it? No worries if not, it’s a simple tune which is easy enough to pick up after a few listens.

I have been using this song in my work on the More Tuneful Tots & Bouncin Bairns project, which is my Youth Music funded work in North Tyneside. Read more about it and find more great songs from the project here.

Image by Flickr user plakboek, used under Creative Commons license agreement.