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Twitter highlights...

I have spent a bit of time on Twitter today, and have come across all manner of amazing info from our sector. Twitter user? Follow me @Kate_MB. I have set up a few lists which may help you too. You could instantly link in with a lot of interesting folks in the music education world by subscribing to my 'music education' list. Twitter connects me to a whole world of information at any one time. I find it to be a very powerful tool to keep me connected, informed and up-to-date.

Here are a few highlights from my Twitter feed today for you..... 

This is the latest from Youth Music, who have just published "What's the best way for my child to learn music?", which is guide for parents. Find it here, there is a link to the pdf at the bottom of the post by Sophie. I came across this video which has been made by Sound Connection's London Early Years Network. This is well worth 15 minutes of your time. I agree with everything in it.  

I also found out via Twitter that the north east's  Souter Lighthouse is playing host to an amazing "Foghorn Requiem" featuring "brass bands, and an armada of ships". That has got to be worth a visit on June 22nd as part of Festival North East this year. I found all of this out in about five minutes. This is why I love Twitter! How do you use Twitter to support your work?