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SALTMusic Research report

SALTMusic was an action research project that brought together speech and language therapists and early childhood music practitioners to develop new pedagogical approaches to working with families with children (24-36 months) with communication difficulties.

The findings from the report include a range of new practical approaches based on theoretical frameworks that can enhance playful arts practice with young children. The work offers a model for working in diverse contexts. There are many practical outcomes and findings in relation to joint working across disciplines; the value of reflecting on practice using a detailed data collection tool and the power of co-delivery. Parental anxiety was found to be high and the playful, talk-free immsersive music space created as part of the project offered the chancefor them to view their child as competent. Explaining the theoretical underpinning to the work provided parents with knowledge and confidence in using the ideas at home.

Silence; the use of the breath; the power of the micro-song; observe, wait and listen; the communication pyramid are among the tools that have been included in the project and form the basis of the pedagogical approach.

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