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Social media to grow your reach, relationships and impact

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If you work in the education, youth and community, wellbeing and therapy areas of music and the arts, the chances are, you have no dedicated communications role in your organisation or dept. And probably everyone 'does a bit of' social media.

You may be a project manager, creative producer or admin officer who’s responsible for things like social media, enewsletters and your website.

Or you might be a senior leader or other manager who’s responsible for communications strategy and for advocating what you do.

You know it would be helpful to improve your skills and those of your team, but the training that’s out there isn’t quite right for you.

This short, online social media course includes videos, activities and templates that you can do alone, or use in meetings or workshops and it’s under a couple of hours in viewing time – although there are activities to do in between.  It covers topic such as:

  • the purpose of social media and what it can help you achieve for your organisation
  • the needs and gratifications that people are looking to fulfil when they’re on social media – and how you can use this knowledge to get better engagement, leading to action
  • how to plan and organise social media, and to know what’s effective - so you feel less overwhelmed
  • it also includes more than 25 examples of good practice

At the end of the course you’ll feel more confident to cut through the noise and start to create an approach that will save time and money, and increase engagement with the amazing work you do.

Social media to grow your reach, relationships and impact