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The Sound of the Next Generation

The Sound of the Next Generation is a new research report by Youth Music and Ipsos MORI. It offers ground-breaking insights into the diverse ways young people engage with and value music and music-making, bringing to light the positive and meaningful impact music has for them.

Youth Music worked with Ipsos MORI to conduct online surveys with a representative sample of 1,001 young people aged 7 to 17 across England, as well as in-depth interviews with participants involved in Youth Music projects.

This was followed up with a series of in-depth expert interviews with industry leaders, psychologists and academics to understand the context of our findings and the wider impact of music on society.

Some of the findings can be explored in interactive visualisations below (optimised for Chrome browser). Click here to download the full research report.





Read the full report and join in the conversation online: #SoundoftheNextGen