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The Soundbites/HomeSounds project is a collaboration between Mancroft Advice Project and Recast Music Education. The Soundbites element is a weekly open-door music-making session that works with young people at City Academy Norwich to promote music of any and every variety, build confidence and collaboration skills and provide a young-person led creative space to explore, experiment and learn.  Soundbites has been running for a number of years and has worked with over 100 students in that time. Building confidence, developing fundamental musical awareness and skills and exploring individual creativity have made up the central components of our work with young producers, piano players, drummers, grime artists, singers and more. In that time we have worked in groups of all sizes, one-to-one, as fellow musicians and in leadership and participant roles. We have performed, recorded, shared and been to gigs. We have had a dedicated talk from the fabulous Akala, taken part in a workshop with a professional jazz singer and supported in-school music curriculum activities. You can read more about Soundbites by reading our blog;

The HomeSounds element invites young-people across Norfolk aged between 11-18 to tune into the world around them through the art of Field-Recording. In practical sessions, field-recording trips, soundwalks, live-streaming, listening sessions, microphone building and more we have encouraged our young-people to connect with both their natural and man-made sound-worlds. Through this primarily listening connection we have been encouraging them to tune into themselves and their inner worlds and by doing this develop their understanding for, and appreciation of, their role and place within the natural world and their human relationships. We have challenged them to be quiet for long-periods, consider the nature of their environment, understand the sounds and behaviour of animals and think about the science of sound. You can read about and listen to our explorations on the HomeSounds blog;