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Heads Together Productions


Heads Together Productions is the arts organisation behind Chapel FM in Leeds. We have worked in the disadvantaged neighbourhood of East Leeds for the past 20 years. In October 2014 we opened the first and only arts centre, right in the heart of the community. Chapel FM was created from refurbishing the former Seacroft Methodist Chapel in East Leeds into a bespoke, high quality centre with radio studios, performance and training space. Since opening Chapel FM, visitors, participants, audiences and activities has gradually increased. During 2017 we saw a 78% increase in visitors on the previous year.

Heads Together runs a broad range of training courses for young people at Chapel FM. 68% of our participants come from the LS14 and LS15 postcode area local to Chapel FM.  Currently our activities for young people take part on five nights per week. Through the Youth Music funding programme we deliver courses in Foundation, Music, Associate Bands for progressing young musicians, courses for visually impaired and hearing impaired young people, and a Graduates group.

A major part of our work is the opportunity for young people to perform - in front of live audiences in our radio theatre, or live performances on the radio. All performances are streamed on our website and Facebook page, and then archived on our website. During 2017 we had 1424 musicians taking part in broadcast and performance activities.