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The Lily-Jo Project


Lily-Jo is a UK based pop singer, songwriter, and qualified counsellor and counselling supervisor. Fusing her passion for music and helping people live their lives to the fullest, she has founded her award winning online mental health platform:

The Lily-Jo Project is devoted to eliminating the stigma surrounding mental health through music, digital resources, and community engagement.

We firmly believe that when exposed to the basic principles of mental health from an early age, kids are empowered to:

  • Be proactive about maintaining good mental health into adulthood and,
  • Ultimately reach their full potential and achieve their dreams!


Currently, The Lily-Jo Product provides the following services:



Since 2016, The Lily-Jo Project has had the privilege of reaching over 250,000 students, teachers, and individuals of all ages through its in-person events, website, learning platform, and social media channels. 


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