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Video - "An Introduction to Safeguarding" with Rachel from TiPP

Rachel Graham from TiPP, our newly appointed Youth Music Safeguarding Associate, gave a really session on safeguarding - the full video can be watched here. We think this session is a great introduction to safeguarding that could be used as part of someone's training or induction. This session is aimed at those doing face-to-face work. 

For context, TiPP are a participatory arts organisation specialising in working in criminal justice settings with a focus on getting people involved in the creative process. They work with incredibly vulnerable people who have very traumatic backgrounds and often lead very chaotic lives. Safeguarding concerns and issues are come across on an almost daily basis. They found they were getting lots of phone calls from other organisations asking similar questions and they realised there was a gap in the market for arts organisations and specialist safeguarding training and consultancy. TiPP formalised it and put it into the core of what they do, with two members of staff trained in safeguarding and they offer consultation and safeguarding training for other arts organisations. They now offer consultation and training services and write policies for people - for example they wrote Curious Minds' policy who are the Bridge Organization for the North West. 

Rachel is NSPCC accredited and has been delivering consultation and training for over 10 years.

What does the session cover?

  • Intro to TiPP and Rachel - who they are, what they do.

  • Intro to Safeguarding - what is is, who it is relevant to.

  • Three core principles of Safeguarding - Prevention, Empowerment, Protection. 

  • The best responses to a range of common safeguarding scenarios in a music and young person context.


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