• Have a glimpse of what has been going on behind the scene on Week 2.

  • The Housing team from Orbit Heart of England, one of the main project partners of Nature Beats, came out for a practice sharing day that also acted as a team building activity for the staff. 

  • Music Teacher Qualification

    Some of you may be thinking about taking our Music Leader Training (MLT) course. Here are a few questions we often get asked regarding the qualification you get on completion of the course.

  • Part two of a recent project I was a part of - OMG Cola! - a song written and recorded by a group of young people with learning disabilities. Which utilised digital technology, enabling a large number of participants to collaborate on one song together at the same time.

  • Growing Through Music in the Rural North is a project designed to take music making activities into rural village toddler groups in County Durham and North Yorkshire. We work along side volunteers who run the toddler groups to support them in establishing music as part of their sessions. The sessions are designed to include art making activities that can be used in the music sessions and then to deliver a quality musical experience for families to engage in together. To further the quality of our sessions all our staff have received training from a Tiny Talk tutor so that baby signing can be incorporated into sessions to allow children with speech and communication difficulties to engage more fully with the musical activities. The sessions are going very well with families really engaging with the project . 


Wed 20 Apr 2016 to Wed 29 Jun 2016
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Wed 4 May 2016 to Wed 29 Jun 2016