• Our Children's Ukulele Festival took place on 2 Feb - and what a wonderful day it was!

    Around 90 young uke players aged between six and nine from seven Norfolk schools came to The Garage in Norwich to celebrate World Play Your Ukulele Day with workshops, sharings and a performance by The Banana Ukulele Band.

    The schools which took part were Avenue Junior, Little Melton Primary, Mulbarton Infant, Mulbarton JuniorNewton Flotman PrimaryWest Earlham Infant and Recreation Road Infant

  • A group of young refugees has worked with The Garage to make a music video inspired by the sense of freedom they have felt since settling in Norwich.

  • If you have a creative child, you really want to see that child shine. Enrolling your child in a music school is costly and time consuming, but it’s worthwhile to see your youngster reach their fullest potential. Finding a music school is a lot more nuanced and complicated than finding a youth sports league or a run of the mill after school activity. It’s worth doing thorough research to be sure you’ve found the right environment for your child to flourish.  

  • A very open and honest account of one of young people's musical journey's and mental health problems and how music has helped him through his journey. He also talks about how our Rugby Beats, Bars and Banter project helped him become interested in music again, gain more confidence and helped him deal with his mental health problems...


  • XLR Collective's Hack a Heckle have released their lead single called 'Hide'


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Wed 12 Jul 2017 to Tue 12 Sep 2017
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Tue 22 Aug 2017 to Wed 23 Aug 2017
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