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Early intervention is key to unlocking children’s life-long resilience, personal and social potential, health and happiness, – and musical engagement sits right at the core. We owe it to all of our children and young people to provide meaningful, high-quality musical opportunities regardless of their personal circumstance. This we believe in. This we all aspire to achieve.

A summary of activities on the first day of course nine - Nature Beats 

The bassoon is an endangered species! But there are signs of change in York...

How did we ensure equality and enable musical opportunities not currently provided for young people with special educational needs?

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These Discover and Explore activity and evidence workbooks might be a useful resource. They are presented without the cartoon characters and might be more suitable for older groups

You might find these activity and evidence workbooks a useful resource for leading younger children through the Discover and Explore Arts Awards. 

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    Sun 19 Feb 2017

New freely downloadable resource for music practitioners in all settings, providing practical and easy-to-use strategies for performance anxiety.

Reflections from a participant from Course Nine of the Nature Beats programme running in Coventry.

Understanding musical responses from young people with special educational needs

My Tunes 3 continues the legacy of My Tunes, with Take Art, Actiontrack and young people in four Pupil Referral Units working together to make and record music in a range of styles. This work has been made possible through a grant from Youth Music and financial support from four area PRU schools.

Our experience of delivering the Explorer Arts Award for young people with special educational needs