Video post: Two year olds singing and playing ukulele

  • by Kate_MB

    Wednesday, 30 April, 2014 - 09:52

Check out this great video footage of two toddlers playing the ukulele and singing. These children are two years old.



Do you recognise this tune?

It's "when the saints go marching in" as a band song (approx 40 seconds into video clip).  Listen to it and download it here so you can use it at home with your little one or in your work as an early years practitioner.

It's a lovely little tune to sing along to. This toddler seems to enjoy singing along as I sing for him (approx 3 minutes into video clip). He has a go at singing the word 'ukulele' which I think is marvellous.

Let's not underestimate how very hard it is to share when you are two years old.  We intentionally did not force the boy playing the blue ukulele to give it to his friend, as sometimes this is just too hard to manage.  These terrific toddlers do really well with sharing these two instruments together.

This video clip was taken as part of The Terrific Twos at Riverside, which is a Youth Music-funded early years music making project happening right now in North Tyneside.

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Thank you very much for sharing this, Kate! It is great to get a taste of what kind of activity is taking place at present. How long would you have been working with these children by the time this video was made? I'm just curious to know how long they would have known you at this point, and how long you think it took them to feel comfortable around you. Thank you again!

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I had been working with this group of children for 7 weeks, this was week 8. It is taking me some time to get to know and be trusted by these 2 year olds.

We noticed that these children really need to have their key worker with them in order to engage and take risks to try new things. That makes sense in terms of attachment and relationships with special people at such a young age I suppose doesn't it? Also, even though I am in every week, the children are there every day, and a week is a long gap when you are 2.

I'll keep posting videos as we take them.