How to spot musical potential

A resource pack offering guidance and activities for spotting musical potential in a group of young people

What does potential look like? How can we identify it? How can we support it?

To tackle these questions, Awards for Young Musicians brought together partners Music Leader South West, Exeter and Bristol Universities and South West Music School, alongside Hugh Nankivell as lead facilitating musician and film maker Bob Lockwood.

The work so far has developed in two major strands: an evolving 'in person training model' and the development of a series of film resources. The approach centres around asking music leaders,  and others working in music education, to analyse film footage of young people's musical activities for the observable facets of musical potential and ability. Then these facets are distilled and means of supporting that potential and ability are identified.

This resource pack offers practical guidance on how you can spot musical potential when working with groups of young people and how to support this potential once you have identified it. We hope you find it useful in your own work and welcome comments and feedback on your own experiences.

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