WKMT LMF 11.03.2017

  • by WKMT

    Wednesday, 22 February, 2017 - 16:41

Why should I participate at WKMT London Music Festival 11.03?

Imaging you were learning how to practise parachuting without ever getting the chance to jump from a plane.


Imagine your teacher was explaining you how to use all the necessary equipment to jump always and exclusively inside a flat.


Imagine you were understanding everything quite well and feel confident enough to do it


How would you feel if your teacher couldn’t ever organise your jumping experience?


At WKMT we make sure this never happens to you.




By organising our bi annual music festival.


It always happen in fabulous and renowned venues in London.

It is professionally video recorded

The next one is scheduled for March 11th 2017


Make sure you make your application before 28.02.2017

Get ready to JUMP with WKMT!

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