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The Urban Vocal Group ventured out of their rehearsal room onto the streets of Portsmouth to record their first music promo video. 

Kizz is a new, up and coming writer / rapper from the south coast – UK. New Era is his first label release on Strong Choice Music. Be prepared for some strong lyrics / subjects. Kizz does not hold back on this album. Its energetic, fresh and genuine.

High Oak Youth Group Supported By Youth Music,  

Creating great opportunities for young people. 

The Turning Tides Project Equal Access to Music Programme is well under-way. We’ll be blogging about the ideas generated, experience gained, and questions raised by each Project within the Programme, as we go. So…

What is a ‘Family Jam’?

Through the Doorway to Healthy Living is excited to be able to expand and bring some mini-music delight to the Sundorne area of Shrewsbury, as well as continue the sessions in Castlefields.

A look into the challenges facing music practitioners working with young people from diverse ethnic backgrounds and the way in which we have made headway in overcoming some of the specific challenges we have encountered.

Last year Sloop Group were invited to be part of the COOLture Conversations project as part of Hull City of Culture. It was a wonderful oppourtunity for the group to work with a Gamelan that they had previously met on a trip to the National Centre for Early Music in York. As well as working with the enchanting instruments of the Gamelan, the group had two sessions with the poet Cassandra Parkin, to create a poem that would become the starting point for their own orginal composition using the Gamelan. The whole project culminated in a public peformance at Hull City Hall. You can find a copy of the poem the group created attached to this post.

As music teachers who often operate either in a solo capacity, providing private music tuition, or as part of small groups of music teachers, often connected to music school or hubs. This article explores why it is important to make connections with other music teachers across the UK and beyond to support continued professional development.

A link to our youtube where we have posted various straightforward tutorials to help musicians, youthworkers and teachers understand some basic DJ Skills.


  • by Arc

    Thu 5 Apr 2018

A dedicated group of young people explored improvisation, song and lyric writing and recording skills from September to December 2017 with Manchester-based musician and facilitator Aidan Jolly at Arc Centre, Stockport.

Youth Music has today announced the formation of the Alliance for a Musically Inclusive England, a collective of leading music organisations working together to promote diversity and cultural democracy in music education.

The ‘Infinity Sessions’ is a group for young women. It is a safe place to meet up, socialise, create and record music.