North Lincolnshire’s premier Taiko team, young people learn Japanese drumming with its compelling rhythms, stylised ‘martial arts’ movement and strong team work ethic. 10-11am First Tetsu Taiko (ages 8-11) and 11:15-12:15 Youth Tetsu Taiko (ages 12-18) both Saturday's term-time only.

'Little Music Stars' has a primary focus on engaging early years children in digital music making activity. In order to achieve full participation from children and enhance the activity's effectiveness we aim to bring together vulnerable families, particularly fathers, to work with their own children in group activities. We seek to inspire them to bond more closely through a common interest and goal, learning musical skills along the way. We want to evidence and heighten awareness of musical participation as an effective method for engaging parents/carers with their child's development, aiding the development of healthy family units.

Sage Gateshead is one of 13 organisations selected to become a strategic partner of Youth Music. Over the next three years, we will work with Youth Music through the CoMusica Inclusion programme, towards creating a musically inclusive England where every child can access music-making opportunities, regardless of circumstances.

The Junction is a band development project for young people aged 14-18 living in and around Dudley who are into music and want to take the next step.

Band In A week invites a group of 14-19 year-olds to become band members in a week, guiding them through four days of instrumental tuition and rehearsals under the supervision of experienced tutors, in preparation for a special live performance at the end of the week.

This project improves the health and wellbeing of sick children at Birmingham Children's Hospital through the medium of singing and 1-to-1 sessions with vocal tutors from the choir.

Show Me How is a youth mentor music development program.  Young people aged 16-24 will build on their passion for music, learn new skills and access opportunities to use theise skills to mentor other young people aged 11-24.  The young mentors will work with professional musicians who have experience in teaching, the professionals will develop the young mentors to be able to support young people on their musical journey as singers, drummers, guitarists, music producers and sound technicials.  These young mentors through the proejct will use these skills to gain experience by supporting and mentoring other young people to learn new skills.

Free weekly band rehearsal workshop in Hackney for under 24s, composers, event managers, musicians, poets, producers, rappers, singers, songwriters, technicians - monthly shows

'Words Not Weapons' was initially set up in response to growing tension between young people from rival housing estates.

Southampton Music Hub (funded by Arts Council England) are pleased to launch the 'M-Tech' project. This project is an exciting new opportunity for young people in Southampton and the Isle of Wight to make music using mobile technology. Following a £30,000 grant from Youth Music, the project will offer young people the chance to take part in music composition projects, live music performances and community workshops. The M-Tech project will also provide training and resources for families, teachers and community workers to help them to make better use of mobile technology.

The Salmon Youth Centre has been working closely with young people to develop their creativity through music based activities. 

Empowering the community through Music