Crossing Cultures is a music programme fusing together the languages, musical influences, heritages and rhythms of young people of British, Asian, Eastern and Central European decsent, from Marsden Heights Community College and Lomeshaye Primary School. 


We are looking for instruments, ideas and apparatus that enable those with physical disabilities to participate in music with the potential for virtuosity.  The deadline is 30th April 2016

Rock Up is a series of a four day intensive music courses. Using a basic rock band set up, young people and staff will work side by side as musicians learning to play instruments, singing, rapping and writing their own tracks. At the end of the courses the tracks will be recorded and each member of the group will have a copy of their music to take away.

There will also be a recruitment and training programme in order to develop the specialist workforce in this area. 
the evaluation, dissemination and diversification of the product.

Come along to Whistable Youth Centre during the Easter holidays where DHRProductions we will be running an 8 day project where you can come along, jam on musical instruments, write a song, record a song and then in the second week storyboard, film and edit an accompanying music video. Sounds good??? Pop along, its free :-)

The National Youth Folk Ensemble celebrates excellence in youth folk music, bringing together talented young folk musicians from across England to create and perform inspiring new arrangements of folk music and work with leading folk artists. 

The Garage believes that music should be for all young people, who should be central to their own musical journeys. 
We are working closely with music deliverers and partner organisations to push boundaries and break down barriers to participation, using an 'innovate, test, embed' approach which explores authentic ways of developing quality music provision 'by for and with' young people.
The Garage strives to keep music participation fresh, engaging and relevant, enabling young people to develop musically, personally and socially and helping music deliverers to develop their practice in new ways.

A music project which is mixing up cultures, styles and genres, designed around collaborations of people and music, this project aims to work with young people from all walks of life. 

This is a two-tier project that develops a team of Assistant Music Leaders for a new music workforce whilst simultaneously delivering high quality music-making activity for young people to create immediate and lasting impacts for their social development and musical progression.

The project is delivered in 2 phases with time to pause and reflect in between so we may improve the delivery programme where appropriate/required. 

Each phase will support 4 musicians (young adults) to become Assistant Music Leaders through formal training, 1-2-1 mentoring and support, practical work experience and undertaking a nationally recognised qualification in Education & Training (level3).

70 young people facing a range of challenging circumstances will be recruited on to music residencies based in our music studio and education workshop, in Leicester city centre. Over 20hours of engagement young people will improve their technical musical skills and abilities, create an EP in collaboration with their peers, widen their networks and improve their social abilities, all whilst completing an Arts Award to recognise their achievements. 

A two year music project to engage young people age 13 -19 with positive musical experiences.

Working with young children and their families through quality musical activity.

We are looking for London-based young people aged between 18 and 30 to take part in a bilateral exchange programme (Italy-UK) "Follow Your Dream"; an exciting week of activities focused on stimulating and developing the entrepreneurial skills in culture, art and entertainment sectors from the 2-8 February 2016.

In addition, the participants can choose to qlso participate to another projects in France (Strasbourg) from 29 April to 7 May to about dance and music with young artists from UK, Spain, Italy and France. 

Pamina is the daughter of the Queen of the Night. She is being kept prisoner by Sarastro. She’s about to be rescued by Prince Tamino.

Operasonic created a special three day workshop exploring the character of Pamina. In six different sessions, young people explored her story, designed a costume for her, and created and direcedt a performance of new songs for Pamina.