Tuning in to children: Further resources


Below is a list (by no means definitive) of some of the Early Years resources available. Clicking on a title will take you to the item's listing on Amazon or an alternative.


Books about early years

Athey, C. (1990) Extending Thought in Young Children. London: Paul Chapman Publishing
Brooker, L. (2002) Starting School: Young Children Learning Cultures. Oxford University Press.
Bruce, T., Findlay, A., Read, J. & Scarborough, M. (1995) Recurring Themes in Education. London: Paul Chapman Publishing
Gopnik, A. Meltzoff, A. & Kuhl, P. (1999). How Babies Think: The Science of Childhood. London: Weidenfeld and Nicholson
Lancaster, Y.P. and Broadbent, V. (2003) Listening to Young Children. Buckingham: Open University Press.
Learning and Teaching Scotland. (1999) The Reggio Emilia Approach.
MacNaughton, G. (2003) Shaping Early Childhood, Learners, Curriculum and Contexts. Open University Press.
Project Zero and Reggio Children (2001) Making Learning Visible, Children as individual and group learners. Reggio Emilia: Reggio Children
Wood, D. (1997). How Children Think and Learn. Blackwell Publishing

Books about music in the early years

Flohr, J. W. (2004) The Musical Lives of Young Children. Pearson.
Greata, J. (2006) An Introduction to Music in early Childhood Education. New York: Thomson Delmar Learning
Ed. Malloch, S. & Trevarthen, C. (2008) Communicative Musicality, Exploring the basis of human companionship. Oxford University Press.
McPherson, G. (2006) The Child as Musician: A handbook of musical development. Oxford University Press.
Ouvry, M. (2004) Sounds Like Playing. London: The British Association for Early Childhood Education
Pound, L. & Harrison, C. (2003). Supporting Musical Development in the Early Years. Philadelphia: Open University Press
Tafuri, J. (2008) Infant Musicality: New Research for Educators and Parents. Ashgate.
Young, S. (2008) Music 3 - 5, London Routledge.
Young, S. (2003). Music with the under-fours. London and New York: Routledge
Young, S. & Glover, J. (1998). Music in the early years. Routledge

Books about creativity

Craft, A. (2002) Creativity in the Early Years. Continuum International Publishing Group Ltd.
Duffy, B. (1998) Supporting Creativity and Imagination in the Early Years. Philadelphia: Open University Press
Robinson, K. Out of Our Minds: Learning to be Creative. Capstone.

Other Resource Books

Activity Books
Bance, L. (July 2012) Music for Early Learning, Songs and musical activities to support children's development. Taylor & Francis.
Larkin, V. & Suthers, L. (2000) What will we play today? Bedfordshire: Brilliant Publications
Clark, V. (1991). High Low Dolly Pepper: Developing Basic Music Skills with Young Children. London: A & C Black

Song Books
Harrop, B. & McKee, D. (1994). Okki-Tokki-Unga: Action Songs for Children: Songbook. London: A & C Black
Macgregor, H. (1999). Bingo Lingo: Supporting Literacy with Songs and Rhymes. London: A & C Black
Macgregor, H & Hargrave, B. (2001). Let’s go Zudie-o: Creative Ideas for dance and music.  London: A & C Black
Matterson, E. (1991). This Little Puffin: Finger Plays and Nursery Games. Puffin Books
Geoghan, L. (2007) Singing Games and Rhymes for Tiny Tots. National Youth Orchestra of Scotland
Geoghan, L. (2007) Singing Games and Rhymes for Early Years. National Youth Orchestra of Scotland
Nichols, S. (1992). Bobby Shaftoe Clap your hands: Musical Fun with New Songs from Old Favourites. London: A & C Black
Roberts, S. (2004). Lively Time Playsongs. London: A & C Black 
Roberts, S. (2004). Playsongs: Sleepy Time Playsongs: Baby's Restful Day in Songs and Pictures.  London: A & C Black
Street, A & Bance, L. (2006) Voiceplay. 22 songs for young children. Oxford: Oxford University Press
Macgregor, H. (1998) Tom Thumbs Musical Maths: Developing Math Skills with Simple Songs. London: A & C Black
Umansky, K. (2000). Three Tapping Teddies: Musical Stories and Chants for the Very Young.  London: A & C Black

Books about percussion instruments

Cotton, M. (1996). Agogo bells to Xylphone.  London: A & C Black

Musical Instrument Suppliers

Adaptatrap (Brighton)   www.adaptatrap.co.uk  01273 672 722
Knock on Wood (Leeds)   www.knockonwood.co.uk  0113 242 9146
Marbel (Cornwall)    www.marbel.co.uk    01208 873 123
MES Music Education Supplies Ltd (Surrey) www.mesdirect.com  020 8770 3866


Puppets by Post   http://www.puppetsbypost.com

Puppets By Post was started in 1999 by the husband and wife team Sue and Peter Lockey with the aim of offering the largest range of puppets available anywhere. Puppets By Post supply puppets from various companies from around the world to both individuals and organizations.

Movement Resources

Jabadao, the National Centre for Movement Learning and Health
The National Centre for Movement Learning and Health is a charity that works in partnership with the education, health and social care sectors to create more opportunities for people to get involved in movement activities that promote health, learning and wellbeing.

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