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All about being part of the inclusive ensemble Orchestra 360

Orchestra 360 Inclusive Ensemble by Henrietta Pike, mum of Joshy

Joshy has always been musical. Singing songs, clapping along and picking out tunes on the piano by ear. O360 gives him the chance to explore all sorts of instruments, many of which he loves and would never normally have the opportunity to play.

There is a great team of professional musicians who give up their time on a Saturday morning.  They facilitate and adapt for the group to ‘jam’ in a friendly, inclusive and relaxed atmosphere. No pressure just lots of positive encouragement. Every child has their moment to shine and the smiles on every face watching is priceless. 

James (the conductor and so much more) has a natural ability to include everyone.  Parents and carers are encouraged to get involved too - it’s wonderful to create music with the children and just be in the moment.  

Joshy’s confidence has grown since we’ve been going.  We love to see him play in a group and really enjoy the little moments where he gets to do his thing.

To have chats with other parents in a similar world to us is something I value (whether we finish a conversation or not!) and to have 45 minutes of inclusive loveliness where we go home smiling is special.  Plus, it is refreshing to be in an environment where we are not being judged if one of our children is struggling with something. 

Thank you to the whole music leader team. We’re so glad we found O360 and know that other families cherish the opportunity it gives their children as much as we do.