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I am funded

From Helix Arts' Off the Beat project in North Shields

I am funded

The essential information you need if you have a Youth Music grant

Congratulations on becoming a Youth Music funded partner! We’re excited to welcome you into our community of grassroots music education and industry experts.

On this page you will find the essential information you need to get started. Don't hesitate to get in touch with your Youth Music contact if you have any questions.

Welcome Pack

You will have received an email from us by now outlining your next steps. This includes your funding agreement, first payment conditions, and the name of your Youth Music contact. We would have also sent you a Welcome Pack containing everything you need to know about being a Youth Music Funded Partner. The pack will explain what being a Youth Music partner means. It will show you what you need to do to receive your payments, what to expect from us and the support and opportunities within the Youth Music community.

We recommend you download the welcome pack and save it on your desktop. If you haven't received any messages from Youth Music, make sure you get in touch to let us know!

Communication Toolkit

By accepting the award you have committed to acknowledging our support. Find information and top tips on how to meet your grant requirements below, whether you've been awarded a grant from the Trailblazer, Catalyser or Incubator Funds.

If you have any questions or issues, get in touch with us at


As part of your funding agreement you will need to complete a final report at the end of your project, and in some cases a short interim report half-way through your project.

All reporting requirements should be submitted through Youth Music’s online grants portal. However, you can read and download practice versions of each document to help you plan your answers and gather the necessary information. You will find everything you need to know about reporting on our evaluation and reporting resource page.

Grants Terms and Conditions

Each funded partner has a signed funding agreement with us. This outlines the terms and conditions of their grant. Click on the buttons below to download the standard terms and conditions for our different funds.

Tips for signing your funding agreement

This video tutorial explains how to sign your Funding Agreement in Adobe as a PDF. Please note that if you are an Incubator Fund or NextGen recipient, your Funding Agreement will look different.