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All Together Now: Opportunities in Youth Music Making

This report is the result of research commissioned by Youth Music, with funds made available by Arts Council England (London). It was carried out during April-August 2003 by Rachel Gardiner (researcher) and Andrew Peggie (writer). The work is in the nature of a field study report and any views expressed herein are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the position of Youth Music

The report is addressed to musician practitioners, community/youth music organisations, music services, music teachers, schools, youth leaders and workers. Indeed, anyone who has an interest in delivering or hosting a music project with young people. By ‘young people’ we mean anyone from age 0 up to early twenties. Early years and pre-school activities at one end and vocational or professional training initiatives at the other.

All Together Now is a piece of fact finding research undertaken primarily in the outer London Boroughs, but several sections (pages 20-41) have a relevance to people and organisations outside London.