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BBC Teach Bring the Noise – new content for children aged 4 to 7, parents and teachers

Whether children are learning at home or in school, with parents, guardians or teachers working virtually, our partners BBC Teach Bring the Noise has new, free online music education resources that are simple, easy to use for non-specialist music teachers, and are linked to the curriculum.  

National Pioneers

National Pioneers is a new video series to inspire children to celebrate and learn about music traditions and instruments from their local music history.  

Children can clap, sing or play along to these short films that bring together music and storytelling.

A musician from England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales tells how music changed their childhood and introduces us to a traditional local instrument alongside one of their own contemporary songs.

Musical storytelling from rapper Nadia Rose about rhyme, to a rock band Lucia and the Best Boys and singers Bridie Monds-Watson - also known as SOAK - and Kizzy Crawford. 

Activities for young disabled learners or pupils with additional support needs

BBC Bring the Noise, with the support from teachers and experts, presents a set of introductory music lessons for use with young disabled learners or those with additional support needs. They can also be used or adapted by parents or guardians in the home.

Learn how four teachers adapted the songs I am a Robot, Be in the Band, Take You Home and Golden to support the needs of their pupils and gain confidence teaching music, utilising music technology and other resources for the activities.

Each activity is inspired by one of the exclusive songs found on BBC Bring the Noise free music tool Play It!, and each have accompanying lesson plans and lyric sheets.

British Sign Language versions of Bring the Noise songs

They have also recently released a series of music videos that use British Sign Language interpretation of 5 campaign songs. Children, families and schools can learn to sign and dance-a-long to the songs.