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Beat boxing, drumming and more

This year we worked in partnership with Access Creative College who delivered workshops in professional DJ and Foley sound for film, while our own in-house team of awesome tutors, Al, Ed, Matt, Oli and Jack, delivered sessions ranging from live performance to Vocal Recording to Beat Making.

"I love music. More time!! Make it longer, thank you!" Participant, Summer Music Session

Our highlights include a beat boxing shows case from professional performer Jack Salt (The Inexplicables, Ushti Baba) and welcoming Charlie Grier from Access Creative Music who shared his DJ’ing skills to the group.

Some brilliant performances from young people – Sam performed his original songs (from his new EP recorded at Trinity), Collins rapped over live beats provided by Charlie from Access Creative Music, Rob playing Djembe drum as part of the live performance backed by Trinity house band and the final live performance showcase with support from Oli (on the drums) Matt (on the bass) and Charlie on the decks.

"We should have these sessions more regularly for everyone to mix and share ideas" Participant, Summer Music Session

Aged 13 - 25 and want to gain new music making skills? Then get in touch with Dave.