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Beats Bars and Banter - Youth Music Performance in Nuneaton

Footage from our performance at Queens Hall in Nuneaton on 8th May 2022. We hold weekly music workshops for young people aged 11-25 in Nuneaton and Rugby. They worked really hard to put together this show - for some it was the first opportunity that they got to perform live. It was an amazing show - so much local young talent that the wider community got to experience. The show featured a mix of genere's - full band, acoustic, rap/MC and poetry. The young people performed a mix of contemporay covers and original songs. The perfomance also supported Youth Musi'c Give a Gig Week. We also handed out Arts Award certificates to our young people and also Volunteering Appreciation Awards to the young people who volunteer on our youth projects and mentor other young people at our music workshops. This project is kindly funded by Youth Music and Warwickshire PCC.