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Belonging Bandstand

 If you wanted to sum up CCYS in art form, Morag Myerscough’s bright and beautiful Belonging bandstand wouldn’t be a bad place to start. CCYS, with its ethos of inclusion, encouragement and creativity is constantly reaching out to local young people, offering them a place to belong. The vibrancy of their music and ideals are a perfect match for the dazzling vividness of the bandstand. With pop up signs shouting positivity, the neon art installation (a community-themed creativity project travelling around Sussex this summer) is an exuberantly joyful burst of colour. Myerscough was inspired by 1960s Los Angeles artist Corita Kent and her values of creativity, togetherness, love and social justice. Hosted by Ditching Museum of Art + Craft, the Belonging bandstand found a temporary home on Crawley High Street from 5th – 10th July 2018, with a programme of music and other events being performed there by local community groups. On Saturday evening it was CCYS’s turn and as the cheers from the England game faded, it was here that Sound on the Stage struck up their first chords. Although a little depleted in numbers by the clash with summer camp, they were as full of energy and talent as ever. After a short break, The Brothers took to the stage wowing everyone with their smooth rhythmic melodies – a combination of popular covers and their own material. The evening sun blazed and the mood was as bright as the artwork. Filling the high street with music and atmosphere, it’s just one more example of CCYS engaging with the local community.