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B.fest gigs at Venue B

Over the course of 6 days during October half term we had almost 650 young people sign up to take part in events and activities across B.fest. These activities were not limited to music and included acting, dance, art and gaming all with the goal of providing fun and interesting activities for young people to engage in. 


7 gigs were played over 6 days which included; an unplugged performance in the cultureground art exhibition, A DJ and skate session in our top floor skate park, a launch gig featuring bands and solo artists, a night organised by the band NOVA, a Tuesday night open youth club gig, An intimate open mic and spontaneous karaoke night, A visit and performance at Crawley youth club and finally a DJ night held by X-cite who are a young group of DJ’s starting their own venture.


30 performances later and B.fest is done. An unforgettable week of first timers and experienced young people sharing a stage with each other and experiencing new things.