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Big Brass Day - Improvisation Workshop

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Join brass players from all over the county to discover and develop new improvisation skills!

Alongside professional Trombonist John Barber, learn new skills, refine your technique and meet fellow brass players. This workshop will cover rhythmic improvisation, motif development, and Blues improvisation skills.

The day will offer the opportunity for young Brass players to work alongside John Barber, who is widely regarded as one of the most versatile trombonists in Britain today. As well as create their own improvisation solo which will be recorded to create a celebration performance piece!

Big Brass Day is completely FREE and will mark the fifth event in a series of brass events over 2019-21.

All brass players Grade 4 standard and above are welcome.

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Big Brass Day

Big Brass Day is an ongoing series of events delivered by NYMAZ in collaboration with Brass Bands England. Events are open to all young players aged 11-18 years old.

Big Brass Day- Improvisation Workshop