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Blog - Disclosure & the Music Industry with Ben from Harbourside Management - How can we create environments for Disabled people to thrive in?

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Only 1.8% of the music industry identifies as Disabled. Yet almost one in five people in the UK have a disability or long-term impairment. So, what are the reasons for this disparity?

Do some choose not to disclose a Disability? If that’s the case, why not and how can we change it?

This Empower Hour, presented by Harbourside Artist Management, explored what factors might be contributing towards a lack of disclosure, and how creating an environment where people feel able to disclose can be beneficial to your organisation.

The Bristol-based music management company specialises in artists with disability and strives to increase representation of disabled artists and to merge disability arts into pop culture. Owner Ben Price himself has a disability he choose not to disclose during a long career as a Tour Manager, before setting up his artist management company.

He has blogged about his experiences here.

The full results of Ben's study:

AiE Accessible Employment Guide:

He now works to help others to feel empowered to do the same, and to get the support and adjustments they may need to help themselves and their employer get the most out of them in the workplace.

The full video of the session can be found following this link