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Circle of Light Participants Interviewed on BBC Radio Nottingham

With the album process reaching it's final stages, some of our participants were given the opportunity to be interviewed by BBC Radio Nottingham about how why they decided to sign up to the project and how their experience has been. Summaya talks to course leader Scor-Zay-Zee about why he decided to be involved with this project and she also debuts her rapping in preperation for her appearance on the album. 

Tiffany describes how the support of people she has met on the course has been vital to allowing her to overcome issues with self-confidence and feels she is now equipped to express herself. Simran agreed saying 'If you saw how we all were when we entered that room on the first day, the transformation throughout it with everyone being open and honest with each other in a non-judgemental environment, it's quite cool'. Poppy described how singing in front of people has allowed her to grow her confidence, when at the beginning of the course she was only ever expecting to play guitar. All are in agreement that although they are sad about the recording process coming to an end, this is only just the beginning.