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Collecting Testimonials From Young People

Collecting Testimonials From Young People

We wanted to share our learning around collecting testimonails from young people attending sessions as part of Making Tracks. We found that these questions gave us a real idea of what young people felt about Making Tracks. 

What type of activity did you take part in?

Why did you take part?

What happened for you (did you learn new things, gain new skills, meet new people or get back into school or work?)

What would happen, do you think, if Trinity / Basement / ACE didn't have Making Tracks?

Some examples of what young people told us when we asked these questions:

‘It’s been really inspiring and deeply satisfying to work with the young people here. It feels real to see them improve and just simply enjoy making music.

"I had heard Trinity provided people who have had difficult pasts with good opportunities to develop skills with performing and recording music"

‘Taking part in Making Tracks has helped me along the path to find myself. Change the mindset. When I make it big I’m going to put Trinity on the map!’