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Complete first payment conditions

Guide to completing your first payment conditions. 

In order to recieve your first grant payment, you should upload all the requested documents to the First Payment form, which we’ve published to your online account

1. Signed acceptance of your funding agreement with Youth Music

Please upload a signed copy of pages 1-5 of your funding agreement. Two people from your organisation must sign your funding agreement. The chairperson, head of your organisation or appropriately authorised person must sign and date the funding agreement. It is important that a senior member of the organisation signs because the ultimate responsibility for the programme lies with them. See our tutorial video if you need help signing this funding agreement:

2. Completed authorised signatories mandate

A scan of a fully completed authorised signatories mandate, uploaded as a pdf or image file. The people listed on the mandate must be authorised to certify project expenditure and to request payments from the award relating to that expenditure. They should be the members of staff that will have day to day responsibility for budget control of the programme. The declaration at the bottom of the mandate must be completed by the Chairperson, or head of your organisation or a Director. It is important that a senior member of your organisation is included because the ultimate responsibility for the programme lies with them. 

3. Completion of bank details

The account details must be for the lead organisation’s bank account. We cannot make payments into an individual’s or any other organisation’s bank account. 

4. Evidence of your bank details 

You will need to provide a scan of a paying in slip, blank cheque or bank statement showing your organisation name, sort code and account number and upload this. Please ensure this matches the information provided in the previous section.

If obtaining one of these documents is not possible, you can request a bank details form from us which you can complete and take to your local branch to be authorised with the bank’s stamp – showing that the bank confirm the account is registered to your organisation. 

5. Your response to any advice & guidance

In the first payment form there will be listed any advice and guidance that Youth Music has for you. This is to support you in the delivery of your project. You are not required to act on this advice and guidance, but we hope that it is useful for you. If you want to, you can upload a response to the advice and guidance.. 

You will usually have around 4 weeks to complete the payment conditions and submit the form. Once it has been issued, if you do not return a fully completed Funding Agreement and fulfil all conditions outlined in your payment schedule in accordance with the deadlines shown, then the offer of a grant may lapse. We endeavour to make the first payment within 30 days of the submission of cyour omplete First Payment Conditions.