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Congratulations to our Director!

We are delighted to say that our Director, Gail Dudson, has passed her Psychology in Music MA with Merit.

According to Gail, it's been a long time since she had written an essay (the last time was in 2000, when she completed her MBA), and given that she'd studied composition and performance for her music degree in the late 1980s, essay writing there had been minimal, so she was a little rusty to begin with...! Gail says:

"The best thing about the opportunity was access to hundreds of research papers on all aspects of music which are so beneficial to current practice."

You can find out more about our Great Singing, Great Signing project with Deaf and Hearing Impaired (DHI) Children and Young People on the GS,GS project page on our website and you can read more about Gail's MA in previous blog posts, charting Gail's journey: