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Soundwaves is a Daisi project in Devon and Torbay from 2018 to 2022. Daisi is part a collective of organisations working together to promote equity in music education - The Alliance for a Musically Inclusive England (AMIE)  -  with the aim of increasing high-quality, inclusive music-making nationwide. Daisi’s role is to bring together and support people, places and organisations who want to bring the transformative power of music to those most in need.

Daisi’s Soundwaves activity includes:

Targeted projects

Daisi is leading music projects with groups of young people who might not otherwise get the chance to make music because of their current life circumstances. Soundwaves works with young people who are NEET and vulnerably housed in partnership with Young Devon, The Esther Project, YMCA, and The Foyer, Exeter. Also with young people who are excluded from school or in alternative education settings. Through these music sessions the young people have opportunities to improve their musical skills and improve their confidence, self-efficacy and communication skills.

Workforce development

Through Soundwaves Daisi is supporting and strengthening the workforce by providing training, mentoring and supported leadership opportunities for early career musicians, and music leaders wishing to develop their skills. Daisi is also developing progression routes for young people emerging as music leaders, including an apprenticeship opportunity and a ‘Get Started in Music’ programme with The Prince’s Trust.

Strategic working

Daisi is working with Music Education Hubs in Devon and Torbay, as well as the wider music and youth sectors to make music education more equitable. The aim is to systematically increase the quality, quantity and accessibility of progressive music opportunities for children who might not otherwise get the chance to make music.

Intensive test sites – Music4All

Daisi is working intensively with 3 localities across Devon and Torbay to look at the whole musical offer for all young people in that locality, especially children who might not otherwise get the chance to make music.

Working with Devon and Torbay Music Education Hubs in these localities, Daisi works with a range of partners to design Music4All, an inclusive music programme, delivered with young people across both schools and community/youth settings. Music4All delivers on Hub requirements but in new ways that that are designed around inclusive practice. Delivery models developed will be shared to encourage future inclusive practice.

Cold spot activity

By working with a range of partners, Daisi aims to respond to the needs of children and young people through music-making activities in areas where opportunities are currently limited.

Daisi works with Youth Music to advocate widely for the transformative power of music for those most in need, and to share and disseminate successful models of inclusive practice. Sharing will focus on forming partnerships to ensure young people most in need can genuinely access music opportunities; the pedagogy of inclusive work; and working with Hubs on needs analysis and inclusion strategy development.