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This is Derby - What young people think

This is Derby

Baby People wanted to use our Youth Music project to find out what Young People thought about; the city, their sense of place and changes they wanted to see made.

We started running workshops in community settings around Derby and at our central studio.

In the past young people have used these sessions to record and create what they wanted, so we were unsure about how they would react to this question. It turned out that they were very confident to say how they felt and translate this into music and lyrics.

Before the Covid19 shutdown we were fortunate to be able to share some of the findings at a sharing event with our partner organisations, our City Arts Officer and tracks were also played on local radio.

Unfortunately many of their ideas and suggestions have had to be put on hold over the last few months.

It is clear that young people are very happy to have opportunities to share thoughts and opinions and want to make change. We now need to seek avenues at City Council executive level to make these voices heard and for change to take place.  EASY?……