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Developing your Online Safeguarding

Event description

As organisations and individuals adjust to the current climate and move programmes and activities online, they may find themselves needing new approaches and guidance around safeguarding children, young people and adults at risk. This could be an opportune moment to assess the new areas of work that you deliver, and the risks they may pose, in light of safeguarding legislation.

This 2.5 hour session will provide an update on current safeguarding guidance and best practice, specifically relating to working with children, young people and adults at risk in an online environment. It will give you an opportunity to reflect on your own organisations policy and practice, and consider the risks and areas of concern that may be encountered when working online.

Ideal for:

· Organisations and individuals working with children, young people and adults at risk who have a basic understanding of safeguarding and are moving into an online environment.

· Those looking to sense-check their existing safeguarding policy and identify any new areas of risk

You will gain:

· An update on current guidance and best practice relating to the online environment.

· An opportunity to reflect on your own organisational practice

· Links to resources and documents that can help you to update your safeguarding practice to reflect the current climate, including a risk assessment template

· An opportunity to explore potential risks in the activities that you deliver and consider their risk ratings

· Tools to identify current measures that you have in place, and consider further ways to mitigate risk and reduce your risk ratings


Developing your Online Safeguarding