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DisChord visit the Beeb

DisChord is Soundwave's (Cumbria) new vocal harmony group.

We started this group with support from Youth Music back in February. DisChord have gone from strength to strength in this time.

The singers you see in this video are from a wiiiiiiiiiiiide geographical area. DisChord meet at our Musiczones, those are Monday nights at Workington, Tuesday nights at Keswick and Wednesday nights at Whitehaven.

There is around 468 square kilometres (including mountains, valleys, lakes, flooding, potholes, cows on the road, ghosts and probably highwaymen) between these guys, Emma Dockeray (DisChord lead) does a fantastic job ensuring the shared repertoire is on pointe so when we get them all together great things happen.

We have always known that music is a language, but we have really witnessed the way it can form instant bonds with DisChord, some of the girls in this short video had met for the first time on this trip but by the end of the night they were like close family and already planning thier next get together.

The staff at the BBC were so impressed with thier performance and couldn't believe some of them had never performed together before.

Anyway! got us feeling all warm and fuzzy so thought we would share.