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DJing for Inclusion Workshop /Visual Minutes

visual minutes by Charlotte Bunney   instagram: @artssoliloquies

DJ School UK founder Jim Reiss was lucky enough to be asked to present at the Contemporary "Urban Musics" for Inclusion (CUMIN) international workshops on 28th OCT.

Jim spoke on the spectrum of skills available to learners using DJ equipment and focussed on the accessibilty benefits in engaging the hard to reach and the level of demand available for those wanting to use the turntables as an equivalent to traditional instruments. 

Visual minutes were taken and these are gratefully shared here.

Please note the emphasis on "Do, Review, Improve" which underpins everything we do and clearly came across in the presentation.

Credit for the images goes to:

visual minutes by Charlotte Bunney  instagram: @artssoliloquies for the mainly Yellow image


Beatrice Baumgartner-Cohen  @cohenbaum for the other.

The CUMIN group can be found here: and aim to expand their network to increase the use of all contemporary DJ culture music for the purposes of inclusion and therapy globally.