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Dubreq kindly donate Stylophone equipment to Carousel for use on learning disability music projects. They are also holding an exciting competition, a perfect challenge for young musicians / music students!

Stylophone competition
Stylophone competition

Dubreq Ltd have very kindly donated some stylophone projects to Carousel for use on our projects with learning disabled musicians

Thankyou Dubreq!


They are also holding a competition that could be a perfect challenge for music students!

Details below:


RULES: To create an original tune, song or instrumental piece of music no more than 2 minutes long featuring one or more of the Stylophone products. (You can use the original Stylophone, Gen X-1, Stylophone Beatbox or Stylophone S2). Other instruments can be used but a Stylophone product has to be the main instrument used. - Multiple entries per person accepted.

HOW TO ENTER: Upload either a Youtube video or Soundcloud audio to your account with the hashtag #stylophone50

Add your Youtube/Soundcloud link to the facebook competition post, in the comments section of the facebook page here:

DATES: Upload between 11th June - 31st July.

WINNER: Entries will be judged by TONY VISCONTI and Dubreq, and the winner will be notified as soon as possible in September.

PRIZE: A gold-plated Stylophone, a full set of Stylophone products (Stylophone, Beatbox, Gen X-1 & S2) and the winning track will be used in subsequent Stylophone marketing.

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Full terms and conditions -