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Early Years Workshop 2: Working in partnership & collaborating

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Creating impactful Early Years Work – Workshop Series

Last year Youth Music invested over £1million in music-making projects for children aged 0 – 5 (also known as the Early Years). We know that making music with our youngest members of society is important, exciting, and challenging work. It requires dedicated organisations and a dedicated workforce that are skilled & knowledgeable, reflective & adaptive and excited about championing the musical skills of young children.
Through this series of 3 workshops, we aim to explore some of the key ingredients for working with this age group.

Who these workshops are for:   

  • Organisations who want to develop work with 0-5 yr olds and/or are thinking about applying to Youth Music
  • Music Education Hubs looking to embed Early Years in their offer
  • Organisations/Music Leaders working in the Early Years who want to reflect on their current offer and delivery.
  • Anyone interested in developing high quality, inclusive and child-centred music-making with 0-5 yr olds.

Workshop 2: Developing Partnerships & Collaborating in the Early Years
Wednesday 26 January 2022, 10.30am – 12pm

Successful Early Years work is all about communication and relationship building. In this workshop Wild Young Parents will explore the importance of relationship building and developing strong collaborations for impactful EY work. This workshop will explore collaborating with EY children and their families, building relationships with the adults ‘around the child’ (parents, carers etc.) and how to work with settings, EY practitioners/specialists and the importance of networking and multi-agency working.

Led by Wild Young Parents Project; experts in working with 0-5 yr olds and their families.

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