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ED&I bootcamp – 15 music service colleagues complete our 4-week twilight sessions!

Six music service managers/leaders meet online in each ED&I bootcamp ‘set’, at a regular time and day (usually early evening) in an open and supportive environment.

Each group is facilitated by Nick Denham, Head of Inclusion at Hertfordshire Music Service (which leads Changing Tracks), supported by Michael Davidson, Head of Rock, Pop and Family Music at Hertfordshire Music Service and also strategic lead for Changing Tracks.

The short sessions take participants through a practical process of assessing where they are now, creating a snapshot as a baseline for change, how to set realistic goals and create a plan, refine it to connect with stakeholders’ needs, and finally track your progress and adapt your goals.

The sessions use Youth Music’s ED&I action plan tools to turn discussion into action, and participants come away with a little helpful, practical, homework each week, and a plan of action for their service at the end of four weeks.

The key principles have been to:

●  start with and celebrate what you’re already doing

●  set realistic, incremental goals

●  support, coach, collaborate and learn together – there is no one-size-fits all approach

Read more or book a place for the November series, starting Weds 10th Nov, here.