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England’s first online gallery to showcase young artists’ response to gentrification

Creative music making project ArtsTrain are launching an online gallery space dedicated to showcasing young artists’ creative responses to gentrification. The gallery features young Londoners’ films, music, poetry, and photography.

This gallery has given young people a chance to speak up about what is happening to their local communities. One young artist from South London commented:

I was raised in South London so I have seen a lot of change within my local community. I love change, we should embrace it, and without change there is no growth. We should take the good from the bad and evolve

(El Linko – South London spoken word artist)

This project was designed to seek a different point of view and give young people a voice to express themselves and share their stories.

Gentrification.Today was made possible by investment from Youth Music, supported by the National Lottery via Arts Council England. Youth Music is a national charity that invests in music-making projects across the country, supporting children and young people to develop not only musically but socially and personally too.

Youth Music’s CEO Matt Griffiths commented:

“We are thrilled to support such an inspiring and creative project. Music is a great channel for young people to express themselves and it’s great to see them using this tool for social change.”

To see and hear young people’s creations visit