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Arts Award Bronze & Silver adviser training - Nationwide 2015

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Do you work with young people aged 11 to 25? Support their creative development with Arts Award. Train as an Arts Award Bronze & Silver adviser and learn everything you need to deliver these unique qualifications, which are accredited on the Qualifications and Credit Framework at Levels 1 and 2 respectively. Arts Award is open to young people of all interests and backgrounds, and can be delivered within a variety of settings and timescales through any arts, cultural or media activity.

To get started, book your place on a one-day Bronze & Silver adviser training course. Places are limited; please visit for more information.

Cost: £155               

T: 020 7820 6178       


Dates & Locations:

23rd March – Birmingham

24th March – Bermondsey

26th March – Liverpool

21st April – Glasgow

22nd April – Bermondsey

23rd April – Salford

24th April – Cardiff

29th April – Camden

30th April – Swindon

30th April – Birmingham

5th May – Plymouth

7th May – Kent

7th May – Brighton

7th May – South Shields

13th May – Bermondsey

13th May – York

15th May –Birmingham

20th May – Hackney

21st May – Norwich

8th June – Camden

8th June – Birmingham

9th June – Northumberland

10th June – Leeds

15th June – Ely

17th June – Bermondsey

17th June – Leicester

24th June – Hackney

25th June – Stanley

3rd July – Hackney

3rd July – Brighton

8th July – Middlesbrough

8th July – York

9th July – Norwich

14th July – Salford

15th July – Bermondsey

19th August – Burnley

21st August – Hackney

26th August – Camden

4th September – Islington

9th September – Salford

16th September – Bermondsey

18th September – York

8th October – South Shields

9th October – Burnley

12th October – Camden

14th October – Plymouth

22nd October – Woking

4th November – Stanley

11th November – Bermondsey

18th November – Hackney

25th November – Burnley

8th December – Northumberland

8th December – Salford

11th December – Hackney

16th December – Camden