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Become A Music Teacher Training Course Launch Event

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The Become a Music Teacher Training Courses have been specially designed to help musicians make the most of their teaching skills. They won’t tell you what to teach, but it will help you make the best of the resources that you use in your teaching thus improving your standing in the marketplace and helping you to attract more pupils.

Once you have signed up to any of the Become a Music Teacher Training Courses you will be able to access all the materials for that particular course. The courses take you logically through five modules each with a task for you to complete at the end of each module. We have a Foundation Course, which must be completed first. You can then move on to the intermediate course and finally and advance course. If you wish to take the intermediate or advanced courses you will first need to complete the foundation course.

The Foundation Modules Are:

  • Ready to teach
  • Helping pupils understanding the Elements of Music
  • Warm Ups and Starter Activities
  • Timing and Structure of Lessons
  • Lesson Planning and Schemes of Work

The Intermediate Modules Are:

  • Objectives and Outcomes
  • Lesson Structure
  • Lesson Plans
  • Schemes of Work
  • Details of Teaching

The Advanced Modules Are:

  • Advanced Objectives and Outcomes
  • Advanced Lessons Structure
  • Advanced Lesson Plans
  • Advanced Schemes of Work
  • Details of Teaching
  • Pupil Profiling and Self Assessment

You can take as long as you wish to go through each course but a good guide would be to aim to complete one module a week.

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