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Exchanging Notes - Preventing Youth Violence Through Creativity (Online)

Event description

Art Against Knives (AAK) will be taking you on a snapshot tour of their work with at risk and marginalised young people; using creativity as an engagement tool, the power of putting young people in
the lead and co-creating open access spaces.

Rickardo Stewart
Head of Quality + Innovation & Serious Violence Specialist

Frontline youth practitioner w/ 14+ years of experience in supporting London’s most vulnerable young people as a professional, and a lifetime's experience of the challenges they face. Strategic & creative thinker. All about driving innovative solutions that drive long-term social change.

David Likinyo
Youth Worker
A student of music, and recording artist. Experience in and recent degree in audio / sound engineering with a passion for transferring these skills in alternative methods across the creative and youth sector/s. Experience in working with disadvantaged young people, understanding of the needs and support to enable young people to reach their full potential.

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