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Exchanging Notes - Youth Music's New Learning & Development Programme 

Exchanging Notes - Youth Music's New Learning & Development Programme

In our 20-year history, we’ve learnt a lot. Yet every day, we are still inspired by innovative ideas from projects and professionals in the Youth Music community. 

By sharing our collective knowledge and building new connections, we believe this community can spark sustainable, nationwide changes in sector practices. Meaning even more young people can change their life through music. Exchanging Notes* is our new learning programme, delivering the latest thinking and tools to be more sustainable, more diverse, and more effective in working with 0-25s. All sessions will be free to attend and most will be open to all. 

Sessions will be run by experts inside and outside our community, with an emphasis on championing underrepresented voices and diverse experiences. Session hosts will be paid, but attendance will be free. Most will be open to everyone, but occasional sessions will just be for the projects we already fund.  

*Some of you will remember our four-year action research programme with Birmingham City University, also called Exchanging Notes. Like this new programme, the project was rooted in the power of bringing people together through music. This is an entirely separate initiative, but the name fit so well that we decided to give it a new lease of life. Think of it as a respectful remix!

Upcoming Events (Online):

What is a Funding Model and Why Does Your Organisation Need One? - Wednesday 22nd September 10am-12pm (Open to all)

Leesa Harwood will be running this interactive workshop to help your organisation identify and select innovative funding streams and beyond.You will learn the purpose, and potential of a funding model. This is the second of two sessions run by Leesa. If you did not attend the session on funding, fundraising and post-pandemic income generation, we will send you a highlights video to watch to get you up to speed. 

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Practical Tips on How to Increase ‘Hard to Reach’ Young People’s Engagement - Thursday 30 September, 1pm-2pm (Open to all)

Jinx Prowse from Music Fusion will be running our first Empower Hour in this online / interactive session. He'll be looking at the ethos / psychology which underpins their successful programme of delivery for hard to reach young people aged 11-25.

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Youth Music Empower Hour – your pitches

Do you help children and young people to make, learn or earn in music? Would you like to inspire other projects and professionals in the Youth Music community with your unique approach? Empower Hour is the peer-to-peer part of Exchanging Notes, designed to:

  • inspire the community with the latest thinking in inclusive music learning;

  • platform the diverse mix of projects, practices and people nationwide;

  • spark connections between music leaders;

  • catalyse change in sector practices.

 Every month, we’ll invite (and pay) a different expert from the Youth Music community to host a session, lasting up to an hour.
Anybody can pitch an idea to us. In fact, we particularly welcome submissions from those who haven’t done anything like this before. From babies right through to young adults, we're keen to hear from a range of experts working across the whole children and young people age range. 

Submit your application online via this link: